Which ride should I join?


Our rides are coded for difficulty (See our ride calendar).  Rest assured, though, that whatever the ride level, we NEVER leave anyone behind.



  1.  SHORT'N'SWEET & GENTLE RIDES:  New to cycling?  Or not been out for years?  These may be the rides for you.  No great distance and minimum hills.   Pace will be determined by the slowest rider.

  2. MODERATE RIDES:  around 10mph.  Steady, relaxed, social cycling,  with a coffee stop.

  3. STANDARD RIDES: 12-14mph.  Social cycling for those with a little more experience – see RIDE CALENDAR for dates and destinations.

  4. SPRINT or 'EYEBALLS OUT'  RIDES:  Faster Paced....... Not for the faint-hearted!  Still social, but everyone rides at their own speed and we re-group at junctions.

  5. 'BREEZE' LADIES ONLY RIDES:  In conjunction with British Cycling, Moya occasionally leads 'ladies only' rides.  Beginners, Returners and improvers all welcome - contact Moya direct for details - 0780 8899469.