Which ride should I join?


Our rides are coded for difficulty (See our ride calendar).  Rest assured, though, that whatever the ride level, we NEVER leave anyone behind.



  1.  SHORT'N'SWEET & GENTLE RIDES:  New to cycling?  Or not been out for years?  These may be the rides for you.  No great distance and minimum hills, and a coffee stop.   Pace will be determined by the slowest rider.

  2. MODERATE RIDES:  around 10mph.  Steady, relaxed, social cycling,  with a coffee stop.

  3. STANDARD RIDES: 12-14mph.  Social cycling for those with a little more experience - also with a coffee stop! - routes and destinations decided depending on weather.

  4. SPRINT or 'EYEBALLS OUT'  RIDES:  Faster Paced....... Not for the faint-hearted!  Still social, but everyone rides at their own speed and we re-group at junctions.  Usually with a coffee stop!