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Which ride should I join?


Our rides vary in speed and distance.  On arrival at the start point, you can decide which group to join.  Rest assured, though, that whatever the ride level, we NEVER leave anyone behind.


  1. MODERATE RIDES:  around 10-12 mph.  Steady, relaxed, social cycling,  with a coffee stop.

  2. STANDARD RIDES: 12-14mph.  Social cycling for those with a little more experience - also with a coffee stop! - routes and destinations decided depending on weather.

  3. SPRINT RIDES:  Faster Paced.  Still social, but everyone rides at their own speed and we re-group at junctions.  Usually with a coffee stop. 


     (One-to-one rides are available if you're new to group cycling and want to check us out - email us for details)




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